Thatches are actually dried grass or straws arranged properly into the roof spaces. But now roofing techniques have evolved and advanced into new things. But thatching hasn’t been extinct yet. Rather it has been used for aesthetic purposes.

Nowadays resorts and hotels have adapted to this thatched roofing style. Mainly for its aesthetics and vintage vibe, it offers. It also gives a tropical ambiance to the place.

But as these thatches are an organic substance, it is subjected to decay in near future. Different pests and bugs might come to it and cause its ruin. So, people started to use more synthetic and artificial thatches. They look exactly like these natural thatches. But is more cost-effective, easy to install and maintain than natural thatches.

African Cape Reed tiles are one such popular thatch used for Gazebos, Pavilions, etc. The factor that is important about this African Cape Reed Tile it is eco-friendly.

KHW Solutions will offer you complete guidance on this subject.

African Cape Reed tiles are a perfect addition to the outdoor spaces. It adds elegance and grace to the whole place. They are uniform in appearance look more like an umbrella. Their size can be customized. African Cape Reed tiles can be layered too. They are available as panels too. They are also available in clips and are kind of very easy to install.

African Cape Reed tiles pass less heat and have the capability to keep the whole space cool. If this is properly taken care of, the African Cape Reed tiles can be expected to stay for a long time. It is a completely natural product and is also eco-friendly.

African Cape Reed tiles can apparently seem to be fit exclusively in small places. But the reality is that it can be fit in a decently larger space too. Gazebos, pavilions, tiki huts to even Zoos are also built using African Cape Reed tiles.

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