If you are looking for a gazebo to set up in your garden or a portable one so you could take it to the beach, or a relative’s place to wind down, you are in the right place. A gazebo provides an ideal option for setting up a party in your garden, a place for your kids to play, protect you from the sun and the rain. In this article, we will help you how to decide on a gazebo tailoring your needs.

A Gazebo! What’s that?

gazebo is a hexagonal or pentagonal or parapet structure, often built in parks, gardens, also used as bandstands. Gazebos offer several uses, like giving a shelter in gardens and barbecue parties, it gives you another space away from the hustle and bustle of the house for you to relax, read books, do yoga. You could set up a hammock and unwind there. If your gazebo is a portable one, you could take it to parks, gardens and have a change of scenery. A true all-rounder that gives you utility. 

What to look for when buying Gazebos

Gazebos come in diverse designs and shapes. Some gazebos, for example, have trellis sides that are perfect for climbing plants, while others are simple pop-up designs that are ideal for camping, permanent hard-top constructions, inexpensive sun coverings and some are more costly waterproof designs.

The shape of the roof and gazebo can determine the look you are trying to get with the gazebo. Sleek and modern looks can be achieved with steel frames. Wooden ones give a nostalgic, rustic look. 

 You need to know a couple of things before deciding which Gazebo to buy


Decide what are the uses for your gazebo. Will you use it for barbeque parties? Or as your winding down spot? Maybe you want to host a party with your friends. Measure your garden and decide which size would be apt for you. Choose gazebos with walls if you want protection from mosquitoes, in the evening


You need to select a gazebo tailored to your needs, and the material used in its structure proves to be important at that point. Some gazebos have metal frames, with metal providing strength and durability. Powder-coated steel makes for a strong, rust-proof, and comparatively cheap structure. Aluminium ones are light, so easy to handle and place, also rust-free. Polyethylene provides a water-proof and cheap option, while Polyester is slightly more expensive and higher quality than polyethylene. Wood gives a more natural and aesthetic option that blends well with the garden or other places. 

Style and Set up

You might be tempted to pick pop-up gazebos because you don’t want elaborate setups. While pop-up ones are portable and easier to set up in an emergency like when it is raining suddenly, it is not the best choice stylistically. The ones that require assembly are not complicated. Two people could assemble it, so it is not that difficult as you imagine it. These types have a higher price range, but it provides the best options in terms of style and aesthetics.

Some Choices For You


SPECS   Dimensions LxWxH: 3 x 3 x 3.3 m 

                Materials: PVC, Polyester, Wood, Steel

                Pop-up Assembly

                28 kg Weight

With 4 sided walls and a waterproof roof, the Summer Pop-up Gazebo is a good option for giving protection against the harsh sun and heavy downpours. While normal gazebos have trouble dealing with winds, this one has eight tent pegs, four guide rope pieces, four sandbags, each weighing up to 10 kg, as they provide stable support for the gazebo against the winds. Its pop-up design makes it easy to set up in emergencies, and its carry bag is double-handed, has 2 wheels making it travel-friendly. It can be used on any surface, sand, grass, concrete, wood decking, anything. It is useful for parties, as a playhouse and a relaxing space.


SPECS   Dimensions: LxWxH: 2.97 x 2.97 x 3.17 m

                Materials: Metal, Fabric

                Pop-up Assembly

                Square Shape

This premium gazebo has telescopic legs, and the height of the gazebo’s leg can be adjusted in different levels. A waterproof, strong gazebo with a steel frame, that can be used for parties and outdoor activities. It doesn’t have any sides so, in windy conditions, it might not be your best bet. Also contains ropes, pegs, and weights to stabilize the gazebo.

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